Apprentice Motor Mechanic

Many people want to work in the automotive industry, but they do not know where and how to start. Fortunately, there are guides and resources designed to help people know everything about being an automotive apprentice in Australia. When people mention the words “apprentice motor mechanics”, they often imagine a wide-eyed and grease-covered guy. However, there are many opportunities available to the best apprentice in the country. If you want to grow in this fast-moving career, read these tips and guide on how to become a great apprentice mechanic.

As a motor mechanic, expect that you will deal with cars, but not only its technical side. Anything that has something to do with operation, sale, design and manufacturer of automotive parts or automobiles is covered by this job.

Australian Apprenticeships

Australian Apprenticeships refer to the title which covers both traineeships and apprenticeships. These jobs are the combination of structured training and paid work. If you work as an apprentice mechanic, you learn practical skills and put them into practice while earning money. On the other hand, structured training can be an off-the-job or on-the-job training which is performed by a registered training organization. After completing this training, you will be granted a national qualification.

Skills You Need

– Ability to use different manual tools;
– Strong problem-solving skills;
– Ability to adapt to challenges;
– Strong listening skills; and
– Ability to work with hands.

Aside from these skills, you should be patient and well-organized while accomplishing your tasks. You deal with many tools and equipment or wiring, so unexpected circumstances may occur. Your troubleshooting skills will make a difference in repairing or testing engines and its parts.

The automotive industry in Australia offers many career opportunities for thousands of automotive apprentices. Starting in this field involves:

– Replacing defective alternators, generators, and starter motors;
– Replacing defective or broken vehicle parts like fuses, lamps, and switches;
– Removing or separating electronic components;
– Repairing and replacing electrical wiring in the cars;
– Testing defective electrical parts; and
– Liaising with a vehicle owner to further explain issues or problems.

Before you start in the actual apprentice motor mechanic job, you need to get Certificate II and III in Automotive Electrical Technology. You must be able to complete the 4-year apprenticeship program. Other roles and responsibilities that an apprentice mechanic should perform are examining motor engines, diagnosing faults in the engines, conducting scheduled maintenance on vehicles, and utilizing technical equipment to test the condition of the engines.

Tips To Become A Good Apprentice Mechanic

The success of an apprentice motor mechanic in Australia cannot be measured by his technical skills. Rather, the attitude plays a crucial role in the pursuit of his career in the automobile industry. As an aspiring motor mechanic, you need strong determination to grab this once in a lifetime opportunity. Take each step of the stairway to becoming a good apprentice mechanic in the country. If you think you are ready to perform serious jobs, apply now to registered automobile companies.

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