Apprentice Painter & Decorator

Do you want to become an apprentice painter in Australia? Have you created plans in your mind on how to pursue this goal? You can achieve this goal if you work hard for it. You need patience and determination as you go through obstacles during the process. Here are some tips and steps to become an apprentice painter:

Research And Prepare Yourself

Australia offers endless opportunities for individuals who want to pursue careers as apprentice painters. But before they get hired as permanent workers, they must have successfully completed the programs and training required. The first step to take is to research. Know the roles and responsibilities of an apprentice painter. Discover how long it takes to complete the program and receive national recognition.

For more accurate information, visit some Australian apprenticeship websites as they provide complete details about career opportunities as an apprentice painter. To make sure that you are a perfect fit for the career pathway you choose, take some aptitude quizzes.

There are videos shared by trainees and apprentices showing how they became successful individuals. Watching these inspiring videos can help you decide which career pathway to take. If you are still studying, discuss it with your careers advisers, teachers, and parents.

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Apprentice painters are usually working with decorators. Their tasks include:

– Preparing surfaces for sealing holes and fixing woodwork;
– Preparing and selecting paints to get the correct colors;
– Placing drop sheets to the areas where painting job will be performed;
– Brushing, rolling and spraying paints, varnishes, and finishes; and
– Removing old paper or pain using scrapers, blowtorches, steam strippers, and sanders.

Personal Requirements

– Good sense of balance;
– Ability to work at heights;
– Physically fit
– Likes practical work
– Normal color vision
– Ability to work as an individual and as a team

In addition to these requirements, you need to take the nominal duration of the decorating and painting apprenticeship. You must complete four elective units, 23 compulsory units, and 27 competency units. You can substitute at least two of the elective units by choosing relevant units of competency. Specific details can be found on the Training Package which will be endorsed by the mentor.

Furthermore, entry requirements vary from one employer to another. Take note that training covers both on-the-job and off-the-job training. The later one is offered at Registered Training Organizations (RTO). If you are already a holder of Certificate III in Painting and Decorating, you can be qualified to perform both commercial and residential construction jobs. This qualification encompasses compulsory requirements that go beyond the common skills need for a construction industry.

You can visit the official website of your local Registered Training Organization for more details such as fees and structures of this course. You can also look for an employer who can take you as an apprentice painter. Do this by reaching out to employees in this industry. You can also search for trusted group training organizations if available and inquire if they can hire you as an apprentice painter here in Australia.

Resource: Warren and Sons