Pursuing your dream as a lawyer is full of challenges. You must have strong determination to go through the strict process before you become a lawyer. If you want to practice this degree in Australia, you should be admitted by the Supreme Court of the Australian territory or state. Then, you can obtain your certificate which will be released by the legal professional body in your local place.

Here are the specific steps in practicing law in many parts of Australia:

– Undergraduate Qualification
– The Melbourne JD (It usually takes 3 to 4 years)
– Supervised Workplace Training or SWT (it covers 1 year of traineeship with an accredited law firm) orlaw books
– Practical Legal Training or PLT (It takes 6 to 12 months with an acknowledged PLT provider)
– Admission To Legal Practice (You must apply for an admission with your Council Of Legal Education)
– Practicing Certificate (This is a Supervised Legal Practice which lasts in between 18 to 24 months)

You should be familiar with these steps to become a lawyer in Australia. This way, you will be able to set your goals. Start with the most basic step which is to complete the undergraduate course. Then, take each step one at a time. Make sure that you will always dedicate time and full comprehension of all concepts or principles you learn each day.

Law Degree

To become a lawyer in Australia, you must learn the key areas of knowledge you need to pass. These are called as “Priestley 11”:

– Contracts
– Civil procedure
– Criminal law and procedures
– Administrative law
– Company law
– Constitutional law
– Evidence
– Equity which includes Trusts
– Torts
– Property (including Personal and Real such as Torrens System Land)

Aside from such requirements, law schools are responsible for selecting their compulsory subjects. They must provide a wide selection of elective courses. During the process, you are going to note the “Stale Learning Rule”. It implies that you need to spend 5 years after graduating from law school for you to complete the PLT. Otherwise, it will never be recognized.

Legal Training

You should accomplish the PLT after the university law degree. It may be Bachelor of Laws (or LLB), Juris Doctor (or JD) and equivalent qualification. What is the reason behind this? These law degrees provide a theoretical understanding of all laws. At the same time, they fulfill a part of the criteria to be admitted in the practical legal training. This has been set forth by LACC or Law Admissions Consultative Committee.

The practical legal training (PLT) is focused on the development of knowledge and practical skills required in pursuing law education. It covers a combined study of various subjects. You take the step-by-step process until you become a professional lawyer. There will be approved senior practitioners who will guide you all through the process.

If you want to learn more about becoming a lawyer, make sure you read in advance. You can find online resources to get complete details.

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