Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Apprentice

If you would like to work in construction, domestic, or commercial environments and a career that will almost guarantee permanent employment, you should consider getting into the refrigeration and air conditioning industry where you will have to start out as an apprentice. If you want to be a refrigeration and air conditioning apprentice, here are the steps you will need to take:

1. Get Interested in the Industry

Refrigeration and air conditioning mechanics repair, service, install and assemble refrigeration and air conditioningRefrigeration and air-conditioning lab systems in commercial, industrial, and domestic settings. Today, air-conditioning systems are found in almost all modern buildings, which means that there’s never a shortage of units for you to work on. You will need to be capable of following specifications and blueprints to install the units and be ready to work extended hours to attend to emergency repairs and fix breakdowns.

2. Get the Right Education

While there are no specific prerequisite study requirements for refrigeration and air conditioning mechanics, you will be required to have a strong understanding of mathematics. Employers often look favorably upon the apprentices that show an interest in technical subjects and science, including computer science. It is a physically demanding and hands-on role, which means that manual subjects will be a good aptitude indicator too. You should understand how things fit and work together and apply problem-solving skills and logic when diagnosing faults.

3. Acquire the Proper Skills

If you wish to work as a refrigeration and air conditioning apprentice/mechanics, you will have to work on developing several everyday skills. Interpersonal skills are the most important of these skills. You should also be experienced in working with hand power tools and be ready to learn how to read technical diagrams and drawings. Normal color vision is also required for the profession as well as working as part of a team since you will be working with other professionals on site.

4. Sign Up for Industry Experience

It is always advisable for an apprentice to gain the experience they can in their preferred trade. It is a great way to get your feet wet, help you get acquainted with the basics, and helps prove your commitment to the trade. A great way to get a head start while still continuing with your studies at school is to undertake a pre-apprenticeship course.

5. Complete Your Apprenticeship

People working as refrigeration and air conditioning mechanics have obtained a certificate III or IV. However, finishing your apprenticeship will provide the best employment opportunities and great salary expectations within the shortest time possible. It is a large occupation with excellent employment prospects and it is important to ensure that you have the best opportunity to land your perfect job.

The Bottom Line

The refrigeration and air conditioning industry have excellent long-term career prospects, but you have to start with your apprenticeship before becoming a full-fledged mechanic. If you want to become an apprentice in the industry, you will need to follow 5 steps discussed here. However, you mustn’t forget that gaining an apprenticeship is all about persistence, so be ready to hit the pavement and knock on doors.

Resource: Acclaim Air Conditioning Pty Ltd